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OFS Optical Distribution Equipment

The OFS LGX® Fiber Management Termination Shelves, regarded as the original fiber frame solution, are used to complete existing 19” or 23” fiber frame installations. Available in 7” and 9” high versions, the LGX termination shelves can be combined to create “design specific” solutions and meet your application needs. They can also hold many of the standard industry adapter types like the LC, SC, ST, and FC.

OFS Fiber Panels in Stock

Fiber Optic Termination Shelf - The Fiber Optic Termination Shelf (LST) is used for terminating buffered fiber optic building cables or direct termination of outside plant fibers.

Fiber Optic Splice Shelf- The LGX Fiber Optic Splice Shelf (LSS) is generally used with a termination shelf or in splice-only applications to store individual mechanical or fusion splices.

Fiber Optic Combination Shelf - The Fiber Optic Combination Shelf (LSC) is used for a combination of splicing and termination of outside plant cables or Fiber Optic Building Cable.

* Also in stock: LGX adapter panels, fusion splice sleeves, LT1B splice organizers

* We can supply fiber pigtails and jumpers custom made to your specifications. We stock many configurations for quick delivery.

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