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Argus Technologies - DC Power Solutions
Alpha builds on its extensive experience in serving the Telecom, Data Center, Cable TV, Security and Traffic markets to deliver the broadest assortment of DC power solutions. From multi-bay systems for large switching offices to small shelf systems that can mount on a wall or occupy a single rack space, Alpha’s DC power solutions integrate leading-edge power conversion technology and Cordex controllers with distribution options to serve a broad variety of applications.

24/48Vdc Cordex PSU

48Vdc Cordex HP 300W

48Vdc Cordex 650W

48Vdc Cordex 1kW

48Vdc Cordex HP 1.2kW 1RU

48Vdc Cordex HP 1.2kW 2RU

48Vdc CXPS-HD 48-1.2-100

48Vdc CXPS-HD 48-1.2-225

48Vdc CXPS 48-1.2-225

48Vdc CXPS 48-1.8-i

48Vdc CXPS 48-1.8-M2

48Vdc CXPS 380-48 - 2.0-i

48Vdc CXPS-M 1200 and CXPS-M 1200/600

48Vdc CXPS-HX 48-2500

48Vdc CXPS-D 48-5000

48Vdc CXDS-M 1200 and CXDS-M 600/600

48Vdc CXPS 48-1T

48Vdc CXPS 48-2T

125/220Vdc Cordex 3.3kW

48 to 24Vdc CXPS 48?24-i

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