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Total Access 1100 Series of OSP DSLAMs

The ADTRAN Total Access 1100 Series of OSP DSLAMs deliver DSL to any location with the reliability expected of an ADTRAN product. Available in 24-port (Total Access 1124) and 48-port (Total Access 1148) versions, Total Access 1100 OSP DSLAMs are an economical solution for extending DSL access to every subscriber. The units are terminated with 710 splice connections for easy access to ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, POTS, power, DS1/E1 and ground.

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The second generation Total Access 1100 units come equipped with a Gigabit Expansion Port which allows multiple DSLAMs to share a single network and management interface. When it is time to upgrade the site for triple play, the same expansion port is used to upgrade the DSLAM with a GigE over fiber interface. Through this Expansion Port the system may be seamlessly and easily upgraded to triple play when required without replacing any hardware.
These line-powered OSP DSLAMs can be mounted in any outdoor environment to a pole, on an exterior wall, on a cross-box, within a pedestal, on a remote terminal, and other challenging locations. They can also be used as customer premises devices for rapid deployment in response to customer demand or competitive pressures. POTS service is not power dependent. Using line power from the central office (CO) eliminates the need for AC or a battery backup power. These units provide for integrated primary protection using 5-pin protectors. This provides the absolute smallest footprint and eliminates the need for other boxes.
The Total Access 1100 Series of OSP DSLAMs can be remotely provisioned and managed using TL1, Telnet, SNMP, or the Total Access Element Management System (EMS) enabling service providers to operate the unit without a truck dispatch.

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